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June 14, 2022by Lahiru Perera

Here are the 10 Most Important Personal LinkedIn Profile Maintenance Tips


This article focuses on improving your LinkedIn profile, which portrays your image to all recruiters. A LinkedIn profile is a CV in the public domain. Your dream company’s HR or the recruiters working with them scrutinise your profile sometimes before you are invited for the interviews. Do you want to miss out on that chance? Here are a few tips for working on that can improve your chance of getting picked up! Please note that this article only talks about individual profiles that seek career Opportunities, not company profiles or any other.


  1. Define The Objective of Presence- Pursue Career progress opportunities

What most don’t understand is why they are here. Instead, the purpose of having a LinkedIn profile in public.  Is it to update yourself with current affairs or to find suitable career opportunities?

The objective needs to be clearly defined, and design the profile accordingly. You can learn what’s happening in the business arena if you scroll up and down, and you may achieve that objective quite easily by increasing the number of connections. However, if it is to seek a career enhancement instead, you should be more focused on your actions. Starting with the name and headline


2.Name and headline – your name and the headline, and your current position appear on Google or LinkedIn basic search. I wonder if you have checked how your profile appears on a Google search. The words you use need to be very specific. Some use the old companies they worked for, some their educational qualifications, while some have a tagline. You need to understand what is best for you and what is unique that captures more traffic.

3.Add A Photo and a Banner -First, ensure you have a photograph attached to the profile. Hence try to keep it as professional as possible. The use of selfies is not a bad idea in the absence of a proper one; therefore, don’t make it as if you did it in a rush. Being informal is not an issue which is in line with the industry you are in but try and keep the background clean or white where the attention is drawn to the face. Also, be mindful of the banner you use. There are free online tools to design your banners if you wish to add something of your own.


3.1 Add Profile summary- “about.”

Recruiters and HR managers like reading the summary and understanding who you are. Simply put, it should encapsulate who you are, what you have done (achievement, not the JD) and where you want to be. Thereby use keywords/buzzwords relevant to your industry but refrain from using loads of acronyms and jargon.


3.1Adding details –

    1. Contact Details: if you are a frequent user, you may not miss out on any messages from a colleague or recruiter. But if not, it’s advisable to use your email under the contact details and the contact number only if you prefer.


  • Work Experience: When filling in the work experience for each job, highlight the main areas you carried out during your work time. Clearly articulate the difference between one job and another, indicating the career progress you obtained. Also, Instead of JD alone, tie it up with accomplishments related to it. Make sure you are mindful of the timelines.


  • Skills – make sure you don’t miss out on this. Use the buzzwords/keywords that resonate with your industry and job role. Hence rather than listing out all, pick the most important ones and seek endorsements from your network. This is another crucial aspect that the recruiters would like to check, that differentiates you from a similar profile. So adding the proper skill set is very important and can make a huge difference.


4. Improve presence –Impart knowledge by sharing important information among your community, which improves your presence. Therefore, pick relevant articles to share or “like” a few once in a while. Also, when you use the ‘like” button, make sure to use the most appropriate one, as there are six types of “likes” to choose from.

    1. i.e., Curios, Insightful, Love, Support, Celebrate and Like


5. Grow your network – Making connections or simply adding more profiles isn’t what is expected unless yours is a business profile which draws attention to your products or services. But since it’s a personal profile, expand the network by considering your career objective.

    1. Ex; Network engineer
      1. there are loads of new things happening outside the country, so connect with the network engineers outside your community to update your knowledge.
      2. Connect with Companies you like to work with or people who can help you get the next break in that organisation.


6.Recommendation – Testimonials are compelling and are your available references. Plan your recommendations before you reach out to them. What you must figure out first is from whom and what specific areas they will talk about. Don’t make everyone say the same thing or brag about the same qualities; instead, pick profiles that can showcase a different perspective of yours.


6.1 Use of keywords – Not only industry-related but also job-specific words need to be used throughout your profile. Use the keywords from the title to the summary of each job description. Remember, recruiters search for you using those words, and the system will not list your profile unless those relevant words are not in it.


6.2 Once you are done with the changes, use a different browser and search yourself on Google and locate your profile. See how it appears and what information is shown.


Few common but grave mistakes

  • Work in two companies concurrently since you haven’t updated the timelines.
  • No education history or the timelines are missing
  • You have changed the organisation, but records say otherwise
  • Have more than one profile under the same name
  • Not using the “open to working” feature if you are actively looking out


Many candidates get picked up for good opportunities through LinkedIn. Instead of having a basic old-school profile, try the above and see the difference in yourself. These changes could break your barriers and open your profile to the world as it’s a global network you are in.


by Lahiru Perera

Lahiru is an experienced Sales leader having trained and groomed over thousands. His a strong believer of human potential and unleashing that potential through Coaching .

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