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Ever since the open economy removed the geographical barriers, the organizational leader’s role became complex. Hence, the ones that saw the potential within and applied for strategic thinking harness benefits and took the organization to the next level.

Future leaders can no longer act as managers, and they must go beyond and embrace the intrapreneurial mindset.

The management development program will enable the future pipeline leaders to gear up to steer to success.

This process requires involvement and patronage from the senior management, hence, meticulously planned and flawlessly executed programs can reap unseen human potential contribution to the organization

Analytical thinking & Decision making
Agility & Change management
Leadership & Performance Management
Coaching & Conflict Management
Intrapreneurial Mindset & Strategic thinking
Innovation and Design Thinking

4 step Plan

We come to you with the best fit for your need, and we handle the whole work end to end. The sustainability and the impact an individual brings to the organization matters to us. That is why we create a comprehensive program that aims to give the theoretical knowledge and test how they use it.

STEP 1Need Analysis

Through a multifaceted assessment we will identify the areas of improvement for each individual. Psychometric tests and other methods will be used to elevate the accuracy

STEP 2Training Schedule

A custom made - specific schedule will be developed based results of the need analysis and considering the future roles to take up

STEP 3Delivery

Both online and classroom training will be used upon the requirement . Program entails Tranings, Mentoring Program and a individual Project

STEP 4Completion

A Certification will be granted at the Completion of Vlogs, Manager's sign off and Project outcome to all successful candidates


We consider the participant's compliance; that's why our MDP is effective and bear results. We deliver the training via both online and face-to-face, allowing the participants to pick and choose time slots accordingly to their convenience.

We carry out the program in the in accordance with 50:15:35 rule.

50% – Tranings and Coaching

15% – Observation and Mentoring

35% – Hand on Experience

  • Participant to shadow other BU's.
  • Focus on enhancing the enterprise thinking
  • Develop empathy for co-workers
  • Plan out according to the individual requirement
  • We train them on leadership topics
  • Short Assessments and evaluations
  • Online and Face to face delivery
  • Interactive Workshop Style delivery
  • Face to face coaching sessions
  • Participants are required to undertake a Project
  • A specific initiative within the organization
  • A mentor (SME) will be assigned to coach
  • Present the outcome to the management
How do we

Success & Sustainability

In any initiative whilst the planning and execution is important but the evaluations of outcomes are the most crucial. This process of evaluation will provide insights to confirm if the desired expectations have been met.  Hence, we are very keen on the outcome assessment by way of recoding the required.

Outlined are three such mechanisms we propose for record keeping which will enable outcome assessment, guaranteeing success of this initiative.


Each participant is required to maintain a Vlog . Their learning outcomes , Special Milestones, will be recorded . These will be reviewed by our panel and intervene with coaching discussion if required.

They will be awarded badges in completion of each task, and these will mark for the final score

Sign Off

Participants are assigned to shadow in all departments and develop a holistic understanding of all departmental functions. Departmental heads requires to sign off


Each individual will be required  to carry out a project related to his/her work areas. This will be assessed and approved to carry out, and they will be assigned a subject matter expert related to the topic selected by the participant.

Time Tested

Programs We Offer

Even though we have prefixed programs as listed below, which helps you to develop an understanding of the flow, we most welcome your inputs to tailor-make a program suits your requirement
130 Hrs.
52 weeks
  • 20 Hrs. Inter Departmental
  • 54 Hrs. Leadership Tranings
  • 12 Hrs. Face to Face Coaching
  • 44 Hrs. Individual Project
  • Max batch size 15
180 Hrs.
18 Months
  • 26 Hrs. Inter Departmental
  • 75 Hrs. Leadership Tranings
  • 15 Hrs. Face to Face Coaching
  • 64 Hrs. Individual Project
  • Max batch size 18
  • Customized to your need
  • Your choice of delivery method
  • Suits for International Clients
  • Flexible in Pricing
  • 24/7 Availability
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