The Correct Way to Evaluate


This mechanism is a multifaceted process designed to assess candidates across a range of competencies in simulated scenarios (s). By combining a range of activities, this process is more robust as it encompasses and assesses many areas, providing a holistic and more accurate choice rather than one-sided interviews

As individuals and as a team, we have conducted over 35 Assessment and Development Centers over the past five years. We possess the ability and expertise in building the most suitable assessment method for your requirement. This is an intervention that requires both knowledge on what to test and how to test. Picking
the right talent needs meticulous planning and designing, and we have mastered it through experience.

Here How it Works

Designing to
Clients Need
Case Study Evaluation
IQ, EQ Test Paper
Real Time Role Play
Panel Interview
Corporate Talent Mapping
Ranking Report
Individual Skill Report

Possible Areas of

Situational Leadership , Leadership styles and Traits
Enterprise Thinking
Intrapreneurial Mindset ,Business Acumen and Strategic thinking
Decision Making
Analytical thinking and Data Processing
Culture Fit
Living the Organization Values and Expectations
People Managements
Teamwork , People dynamics and Conflict Management
Innovativeness ,Agility , Change management and Creativity
Soft skills
Public speaking and Presentation skill and use of IT
Performance Management
Coaching and performance management


In order to harness the perfect reflection of the individuals , We use the following methods that bring out their true capabilities. Content of each method will subject to change upon the industry and the entry level of the the candidates

Case Study

A case study is given to the candidate to analyze and present to the panel . Analytical Skills , Problem Solving skill to be evaluated

Role Play

A role-play between a candidate and a panel member. Evaluated on authentic responses to a real-life scenario . (Conflict Management , Coaching , Performance management)

Test Paper

A test paper along with psychometric testing of 30min -45min is set to read their IQ , EQ , Personality Type and and industry related knowledge


Candidates are questioned by the panel to understand their values , attitudes ,perceptions and their plans to see the alignment to the organization culture

Let us design an evaluation method that fit your requirement. Our expert panel possesses a wealth of experience designing and conducting evaluations to bring out the best in people over the decade.

Careful intervention is needed as we deal with management-level employees, and you require expert support for that.

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