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Our Well Qualified retired Military officers team has developed various outward bound exercises to drive Innovation, Teamwork, trust among teams, Confidence building, decision making, problem-solving, and many more exciting games.
Unlearn, Experience , Learn

Outward Bound Training
We offer

Games we created is not only to help your team to learn but also enjoy the learning. It gives them everlasting memories and leanings that make a significant positive impact in both their professional nd personal lives.

Jungle Activites

Jungle Treasure hunts, Jungle expedition, Hiking & Trekking and Jungle nights with campfire BBQ dinner are some of the activities we provide

Water Based Activites

Water Sliding, Confidence Water Jump, White Water Rafting, Waterfall Abseiling are the activities we conduct under water-based Activities

OutDoor Activites

Outdoor activities such as Climbing wall & Rope activities, Archery, Raft Building , Rifle Shooting is also.


Most of our Games and Activities were develpoed by our team to fit in to our Context
Group Size
From a small team of 15 to a larger group of 120
We are ready to cater from half a day session running to a maximum of 3 days.
All our Facilities provide Comfortable overnight stay accommodation up to 120
We were hired as the ITN Sri Lanka Got Talent Safty Marshal. Don’t Worry; Your Satisfy is our Priority
We are ready to customize our activities to meet your needs
Best fit
We bring you both Experiential Learning experts as well as Industry Expert to make the Learning meaningful and enjoyable

Outward Bound Trainings is a perfect way to send out a message to your team. Our well-experienced Trainers ensure everyone engages in activities and enjoys the games too.

We go one step beyond the usual outward bound training and connect the learning the corporate concept. This unique combination of outward-bound specialist and corporate veterans work and act together in driving every lasting learning.


Annual Company

Get togethers

Annual get together trips is the perfect time to rejuvenate the team and prepare for the coming year. Whilst appreciating the hard work they put in thought out the year, we will engage them through games that drive capabilities they need for the coming year such as teamwork, team Sprit and build confidence. They also can join in for rifle shooting, Archery, and many more activities at their leisure. 

Making it a more memorable and pleasant, we organize Campfire with BBQ dinner to wrap the night on a high note. 

Annual Conference

New Theme based

Thinking of bringing in new Concept and Strategy to win the competition? The new theme is in place and needs to motivate and align the team to new strategy?  We have a theme focused, fun-based games to run by. We facilitate serious adventure experience such as Waterfall abseiling, Rock Climbing, River crossing, water rafting to Ground base activities. 

New Launch

Product or Service

Change in the way of working and Thinking may need to change along with New Product, or Service is launch! Outward bound training can Assist employees to realize the importance and align with new Concepts. Out of the box thinking, Adopting to change, Situational leadership can be driven through experiential learnings.



MAS Fabric Park

Fully Fledged Training Center with an Auditorium, Lecture Halls, Ground, Rock Climbing Area, Swimming Pool, and Star Class meals with Accommodation.

Word Renown


 Situated in Rathnapura District and It is approximately 4 hours Journey from Colombo. Location is ideal for Waterfall Abseiling, Jungle trekking, Camping and many other water-based activities. The surrounding serenity is a true relaxer 

One and Only


Its an easy 2.5-hour drive from Colombo and thee best destination for White Water Rafting along with much other water related  Waterfall Abseiling, Jungle expedition, Hiking & Trekking, Water Sliding & Confidence Water Jump. 

Way away


A fast 1.5-hour drive from Colombo to enjoy an Eco-friendly Chalets situated in a huge Coconut land . It comes with shared accommodation areas, Climbing wall & Rope activities, Archery, Raft Building, Swimming Pool which is an ideal getaway location.

Easy Access


This clam and quiet destination is just  1.25 -hour drive from Colombo. An Eco-friendly green environment, Shared Accommodation in Chalets, Banquet hall, Mini Swimming Pool to play around. Ideal for a Smaller team less than 50 yet with many outdoor activities to enjoy such as Archery, Rifle Shooting and Jungle expeditions. 

Drew point


So Close to Colombo and just as close to the Sinharaja Rainforest. 1.5 hours drive to enjoy the cool mind relaxing climate. Its a perfect getaway location for larger teams and many outdoor activities to carry out. 

Drew point

Dambulla – Army camp Holiday Banglow

 Set up in a sprawling landscape of rocks, boulders, dry tropical forest covers and flat agricultural land that seems infinite in extent, the newly constructed Officers’ Mess complex of the Mechanized Infantry Regiment at Dehippawa, Dambulu Halmillaweva merges and harmoiously blends itself with environs in avirgin land of natural beauty.

Ocean View

Navy- Malima Hotel Chain

Capitalizing on the growth trajectory and potential opportunities in the tourism sector, recently launched an Independent hospitality venture branded as “ Malima Hospitality Services”. 18 number of resorts and restaurants have been established and operated around the country to cater to the foreign and local clientele. “Malima” operates as an independent organization



We make the learning enjoyable and memorable

All our locations have few things in common. Eco-Friendly serenity, Waterfront, Ample garden to walk around, Camping site and Bonfire with BBQ diner to end the day.

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Games we created is not only to help your team to learn but also enjoy the learning. It gives them everlasting memories and leanings that make a significant positive impact in both their professional and personal lives.
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