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At the setting up stage, the client may hire an HR coordinator to carry out the assigned task, which eases the clients on the financial burden of hiring full-fledged HR personals instead of investing in more critical technical or field staff.

Hence this stage requires certain unavoidable HR-related activities listed below; service has identified as the most important, yet a Startup may not need a permanent HR manager's attention. When considering both shop and office Act 7 of 2007 and labour-related laws, it is paramount to comply with essential HR requirements. We shall take this burden off your shoulder and assist you in setting up the company right.

With this arrangement, your organisation complies with pertaining laws and employee's day-to-day needs such as a letter to obtain a loan or lease, visa Letters, and any other document requirements covered under this fantastic arrangement.

We Offer
CV Scan
Short Listing
Interview Process
Sit for the interviews
Appointment Letters
Labour Law
Personal Files
Drafting of Contracts
JD and JS Formulation
SOP and Policies
Meeting with Commissioner
Meeting with labour Officers
Interview Boards

Let the Experts Takeover

We got your back. It’s more manageable and less hassle for you and, most of all, Economical for you as you are getting the experts to help you out.


Work will be carried out by both us and the client’s HR coordinator. all the necessary documents will be issued under your letterheads and documents will be maintained at your premises. As shown above we may takeover work while rest to carry out by the HR personal under our supervisor.

We wish to overlook the work carried out by the client’s HR personal, thereby audits will be carried out as per the following schedule.


Labor-related / labor office related work may need a consultant’s appearance in addition to the work listed, and we shall be obliged.

  • i.e., meeting labor Commissioner, EPF/EFT matters.
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