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The most valuable  asset to any organization , is the employees. Their Strengths and capabilities have put up many organizations on the World map. 




Our intention is to uplift the quality of selling and service levels. A happy customer will always remain untouched and their word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool that unmatched. 
We know that contents and training materials can be found everywhere but the delivery matters, that’s why we use all qualified and experienced trainers! Their ability to share their own local examples ,deliver in both Sinhala and English makes us the ideal partner you look for ! 
Reach out to us for further details, as we always wish to meet you in person and understand your requirements. 


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Selling Skills Effectiveness

For all Customer Facing Front Liners and Managers 


Selling skills effectiveness training is aimed  all Customer Care Providers ,Such as Showroom Salesmen , Sales Reps, Medical reps, Insurance Agents , Restaurant Waiter ,etc. The program enables the participants to read customer behavior, Plot them ,Understand their Requirements/Needs ,upgrade service levels and Retain the customer from losing to completion . 

The Objective of this Training is to uplift the service levels and win the hearts and minds of the customers. 


Soft Skill Development

Front Line Sales Leaders 


This program covers the basic MS Office Excel , PowerPoint, Word, and Email writing along with Presentation skills. The outcome of the program enable the participants to maintain their sales reports, Generate reports, Run Basic Analysis , use of right media  and data in the presentations.



Distributor Management

Sales Leaders -1st Line and 2nd Line


Distributors are the most important  3rd party that any Sales Organization will have to work with. They become the eyes and ears of your organization and plays a major role . Their Inventory management , Route plans , Coverages/ Numeric Distribution, Display management , Storage ,Customer Care , Feedback has a direct impact and Its the Area /Regional Managers Ability to work in Harmony and make it a win-win-win situation for all  parties .


This Program enables the Sales Leaders to develop a better understanding of Distributors , Retailers ,hence strike the balance that ultimately drives performance .


Drive Innovation 

Visionary Leaders 


Innovation defines the Success of any organization. A Visionary leader will set the phase by trying to create an innovative culture , but the word makes no meaning for habitual followers. The Out of the box thinking , Curiosity to question the current status , idea generation should be inculcated .

This Program has been developed to ignite the out of the box thinking and see the possibilities by breaking down the barriers.  Many Psychological reasoning and habit- breaking  activities will run through this program ensuring behavioral change in the participants.

Coaching Session

Change Management

Organizations Planning Transformation 

No matter how important and Easier the new systems are , there is always a group to oppose and opt-out .Not only they object but also they bad mouth about it. This Behavior is natural and there are reasons for it. However , No system or change can’t be implemented without all inboard. 

This program is meant to bring everybody into the same phase of understanding and execution. However,  we will be closely partnering with you in this endeavor to  make sure of a smooth transition.


Mental Health and Wellbeing

All Employees 

Happy and Content employee’s contribution is priceless simply due to their love and affection towards the organization. They are not only happy at the workplace but also lead a peaceful personal life too.  However, the work pressure and time constraint can pull this happiness without even notice.


This program helps the employees to understand their own pressure points and the importance of work-life balance. Time management, how to manage Mental- Physical-Psychological-Spiritual worlds, Right food habits, simple Exercises will be covered under this program enabling them to ignite the passion in them. 


Help Them Manage Transformation 


Your newly promoted manager hasn’t picked up the phase yet? 

He or she was much productive and effective  in the previous role ?

“have we made a mistake by promoting him ? ” 


Are you facing these types of problems? in most instances , this is the case. The newly promoted managers  take their own time and some even may not make it , leaving you thinking should have let him /her in the previous role without upgrading,.


This program expects to meet this demand and take them through a crash course of course  which is , comprehensive though. Managing the transformation, time management , meeting Organizational goals , Strategic roles to play , Boss- Peers – Subordinates Management , Meeting Management are some of the areas covers under this program.


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